What readers have said about the book...

The moment I started reading this book I was hooked

Callum's passion for autism and sharing his experiences, good or bad is so refreshing to see.

In honour of #worldbookday...

In honour of #worldbookday I wanted to share a very special book “From the Dark Into the Light” that I read recently about autism, written by Callum Gamble that opened a whole new perspective on life of autistic people for me (or in this case Callum’s experiences).

Loving your book Callum!!

You are a wonderful young adult with obviously a supportive family. A brilliant insight into how u have & are living with autism. Something I’m passionate about & encourage others to speak openly about! 💙

Reading Callum's book on the train

Went to see my mum on the train today and had Callum L Gamble to keep me company! Get on Amazon and give this a read!

The UK's Leading Family-Run Autism & Neurodiversity Consultancy

Callum has worked with leading brands such as the Alpine Formula One Team to help strengthen the working relationship between employers and autistic employees. He also works with schools and universities to provide teachers with the understanding they need to enable autistic students to showcase what they are truly capable of. Callum’s mother and business partner, Caren, also supports him in delivering ‘talk-show’ style presentations to make our sessions interesting and interactive. To find out more, play the video above and go to the “Consultancy services” page to make an enquiry.

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Meet Callum

Callum is an award-winning autistic British entrepreneur and author. He runs an autism and neurodiversity consultancy and is the co-founder of the UK’s leading autistic web accessibility consultancy KreativeInc Agency. As a lifelong Formula One motor racing nerd, his party piece is recalling every single Formula One racing champion since the 1950s.

I get ready to drive a Ginetta racing car at a testing day
I was with a few of the Lotus mechanics before the 2013 British Grand Prix
Me and Innocent Drinks co-founder, Richard Reed
I was about to be interviewed on the Stephanie Hirst Breakfast Show for BBC Radio Leeds
Mother playing game on ipad with daughter.

What is Autism?

Autism affects people in many different ways, both positively and negatively, hence why it’s called a spectrum condition. Callum, who was diagnosed with autism at 8 years old, for example, excels in recalling dates and events of a specific topic but struggles with his brain processing in communication.
Child listening to music through headphones

Signs of Autism in Children

Signs of autism in children include: not being as aware of their surroundings as they should be, engaging in repetitive behaviour, having interests or hobbies with an intense focus and difficulties in social situations.
Man staring into camera with green screen behind him.