The U-Finity Effect of Autism

The Autism U-Finity effect: calm/functioning, trigger, downward spiral: frustration and anger, meltdown/shutdown, recovery: positive thoughts and actions, and calm/functioning

Callum describes his life of living with autism as a rollercoaster of emotions where one U shape of ups and downs follows another infinitely.

To explain the effect this has on his life, he has developed the ‘U-Finity’ Effect Theory.

Callum has split the theory into two parts, one explaining the effect on
Autistic and another one on Non-Autistic People.

The U-Finity Effect – Autistic People

At the top of the U, autistic people are calm, can function well, and work
effectively and productively both independently and in a team. Callum
calls this the ‘Green Zone’.

The ‘Green Zone’ is followed by an ‘Amber Zone’, marking the downward trajectory of the U shape. The negative emotions associated with this can
be triggered at any time by several factors that are disturbing to an autistic individual.