Watch Callum explain a few terms and concepts surrounding autism

Callum explains the following in this video: the possible benefits of getting an autism diagnosis, how employers could manage their autistic employees, what misophonia is, what meltdowns and shutdowns are, and what to do in a meltdown or shutdown scenario. Plus, you can get even more information below about what is mentioned.

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Meltdowns and shutdowns

Meltdowns and shutdowns are two types of responses that autistic people can have when they lose control of their emotions in overwhelming situations.

The Autism U-Finity effect: calm/functioning, trigger, downward spiral: frustration and anger, meltdown/shutdown, recovery: positive thoughts and actions, and calm/functioning

The U-Finity Effect of Autism

Callum describes his life of living with autism as a rollercoaster of emotions where one U shape of ups and downs follows another infinitely. To explain the effect this has on his life, he has developed the ‘U-Finity’ Effect Theory.

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What is Autism?

Autism affects people in many different ways, both positively and negatively, hence why it’s called a spectrum condition. Callum, who was diagnosed with autism at 8 years old, for example, excels in recalling dates and events of a specific topic but struggles with his brain processing in communication.

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Signs of Autism in Children

Signs of autism in children include: not being as aware of their surroundings as they should be, engaging in repetitive behaviour, having interests or hobbies with an intense focus and difficulties in social situations.

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Signs of Autism in Adults

Signs of autism in adults include: being agitated by low-key repetitive noises, valuing honesty, punctuality, and reliability, using a structured approach to manage everyday life and noticing small details in patterns, sounds, smells or textures.